For The Atlantic: A report claims Pakistan’s security agency overlooked clear evidence that the terrorist was hiding in plain sight. The American raid that killed Osama bin Laden was a huge embarrassment for Pakistan’s military and intelligence services. They had failed to report that bin Laden — the world’s most wanted man — was living one kilometer away from the country’s top military academy. And there was astonishment among Pakistanis that a complex foreign operation could take place so deep inside Pakistani territory without a…Continue Reading “Why It Matters That Osama Bin Laden Was Once Pulled Over for Speeding”

For The Atlantic: On June 29, 2012, Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi stood before millions crowding Tahrir Square on the eve of his inauguration, telling them “you are the source of power and legitimacy. There is no person, party, institution or authority over or above the will of the people.” A year later, millions of Egyptians have gathered in cities across the country demanding his resignation. Morsi won the country’s first free elections, but since then he and his party, the Muslim Brotherhood, have alienated one…Continue Reading “Seeking New Leadership, Millions of Egyptians Take to the Streets”