Egypt's top religious authority: It's not anti-Islam to be anti-Morsi

For the Christian Science Monitor:

As the Egyptian opposition’s demands for the resignation of President Mohamed Morsi and fresh elections gain momentum, the beleaguered president’s supporters are slamming the opposition as secular and hostile to Islam.
In the deeply religious country, it is a serious criticism, and it has brought many Egyptians to Mr. Morsi’s side. But his opponents point to support from the leading voice of the Sunni establishment in Egypt.

Earlier this month, Ashraf Abdel-Moniem, a conservative preacher and a vocal supporter of Morsi, declared that it was obligatory for Muslims to confront, even kill, anyone protesting against the government. The head of Al Azhar University, Egypt’s leading Sunni institution, disagreed saying “peaceful opposition to the government is acceptable in Islam.”

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